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(This song is dedicated to the memory of Alan Kurdi and our other human brothers and sisters who suffered great hardship, took unimaginable risks and left everything behind in the pursuit of freedom, dignity and happiness - Alan’s image will be forever etched in my mind)

Broken dreams, wet and cold
200 souls stuck in a hold
Salt and diesel burn their skin
Pulses thready - eyes are dim
a lullaby drifts through the deep
heavy seas won’t let them sleep...



In rusted cars with worn tires
down ancient roads born of fire
I’m chasing lonely telephone lines
and searching for your shine...

"The creative process is not unlike those times when you have taken a marathon driving trip only to arrive at your destination with no recollection of the journey, the sights along the way or the turns you negotiated - Yet... somehow... miraculously... you reach your destination alive" 

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